Anyone could provide moving services. For example, a trucking organization, or on the other hand, a van line could form a company that helps people and organizations move goods or products from once place to another.

As per the United States Enumeration Bureau, 40 million U.S occupants have moved yearly in the course of the most recent decade.[i] Of those people who have moved to the United States, 84.5% of them have moved inside their state, 12.5% have moved to further states, and 2.3% have moved from one country to another.
The usage of truck rental organizations, or acquiring equivalent gear, is commonly referred to as DIY moving. Most of the people who avail the moving services, usually end up there because they want to save all the time and physical effort. So, they end up getting into an agreement with the moving company to do this task for them.

The moving company, moreover, arranges all the required materials, for example, boxes, paper, tape, and air pocket wrap with which to pack the boxes, as well as guarantee sensitive goods and to stack the goods on top of one another.

Tips and tricks for moving

There are several ways to move stuff from one place to another. However, the essential trick starts with an imminent customer reaching an implied authorized trucking organization and receiving a quote. In the present market, this frequently happens online using moving organization advertising websites. Moving companies usually spend a good amount of money on developing and marketing their websites, from where they get most of their customers.

These trucking organizations can be inclined to showing prices that might not depict the true picture. However, when you get in touch, you can ask for a full quote, given your specifications e.g. the distance between moving places, amount of stuff to move and so on. Remember that it is your right to be notified of the full cost of moving from one place to another and they are obliged by law to give you an exact quote.


The highway moving industry in America is managed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), part of the United States Department of Transportation. Only a little staff (less than 20 individuals) could be monitoring the moving service companies and this could prove to be troublesome in the future. Besides, in the United States, there are no guidelines that qualify moving organizations as “verified”, and in this way, some scammers get the better of innocent people by defrauding them. It’s such a sad fact but one must do their homework if they are to avoid getting deceived by such people.

Moving organizations may occasionally show a Department of Transportation (DOT) permit.
Moving organizations that work inside the boundaries of a specific state are normally managed by the state division of transportation or the public utility commission in that state. This applies to a portion of the US states like in (California Public Utilities Commission) and (Texas Department of Motor Vehicles).

Then again, some US government laws oversee certain aspects of moving companies. For example, on account of out-of-state moves, movers should present a list of customer’s products. This can be avoided if there is a legal waiver is present at the time, and that too, in writing.

Tips for finding the best movers

Looking for moving organizations could be a huge task, we know! From a public significant distance, an organization completely based on a good or bad credit, attempt to try not to peruse the 1-and 5-star surveys. You can get the most knowledge into an organization’s practices by searching for the reviews on Yelp. People who have had experiences with the moving companies, leave honest reviews on different websites including Yelp. Reading those reviews would greatly help you in making a decision on which company to go with.

It’s always recommended that you pack your stuff very well and use all the tools available to you. These tools may include tape, packing boxes and more.[ii]

Top International Moving Companies

To investigate the best worldwide trucking organization for you, you’ll have to go online, searching for the companies and comparing the services that different companies offer. Three names pop up in mind when we talk about international moving companies:

  • Worldwide Van Lines.
  • Mayflower International Moving.
  • Crown Relocations.

However, that’s not the end of the line as there are also very good moving companies in every city and every area. It’s your job to find the one that you can trust. How to do it, depends on you. You could go on asking for personal recommendations from your friends or family. In the same way, you could go and prepare a comparative analysis among different moving companies Look for the company that gives the best value for money.