A laptop is a small but portable device, which consists of two lids. One is the upper lid which is also called as a grapple that possesses a screen or LCD and the lower part consists of the keyboard for typing. Both lids are attached by the small clips or more commonly referred to as hinges. The upper lid opens in an upward direction for the use. Laptops are very useful as they can be used portably, while traveling or on the go.

There are also laptop shaped notebooks are available in the market. There is a small difference between them as they are a little bigger and heavier as compared to the previous one. Nowadays a laptop is widely used in all fields of life especially in education, in offices, in schools, for web browsing, etc. It is also very famous among kids, especially for playing games and watching cartoons on the internet. Computers are also used for household purposes.

A laptop consists of all the main components which a desktop has, such as an LCD screen, keyboard, hard disk drive and speakers etc. However, the laptop has compact speakers, touch screen for moving the cursor. They all compact and assembled into a single small unit. Some modern laptops have many new features as they have UHD webcams with built-in high quality micro speakers. Some laptops also have a touch screen. Laptops have both batteries as internal or external. For external use, there is a charger that gives power from an AC adapter. Laptops prices vary from one another, depending upon the components installed. They vary by their high specification in hardware, the amount of RAM, and the speed of the processor. Such factors make their price different from one another.

Top laptop computers brands with prices

There are several types of laptop computers. They are classified according to their specification and features. If you want to buy the laptop computer of your own choice, there are several models which are available on market. Select your laptops that fulfill your needs and don’t pay for extra features that don’t concern you. People are usually in search of a variety of features for their laptops. You must find a powerful and battery rich laptop. Among a huge range of laptops, we’ve selected some options which are in high demand. Because if you are college going student then you have to select the laptop with affordable price, while in another case if you want a laptop for your official purpose then your budget may go a bit higher.

Apple MacBook Air (M1.2020).[i]

It is a fully loaded laptop as its RAM is eight GB; its memory is 256 GB. Its external look is the same as the previous model, but its internal features are quite advanced including a QHD webcam, Touch ID, and many more. This laptop easily handles the tasks such as photos editing. Videos rendering, and other workload, because of its ultrafast processor. The most interesting thing is that its processor speed does not affect the battery timing. You are now able to work continuously for eight to ten hours. As it is an all-in-one electronic device. It is a trustworthy device for its performance because Apple is a well-known company for its built-in quality and excellence. This device is very reliable with a stellar processor. The price of the MacBook Air is around $999 for the base model at the time of launch.

Dell XPS 13 2-IN-1[ii]

If you are searching for a laptop on which you can play games, watch movies and also do word processing, Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 laptop is the one you should go for. If you want to purchase a white model, then you have to pay $50 extra and you have to pay $60 extra for the upgrading of Windows 10 Pro. There are some new features added to this new series as the webcam supports Windows Hello. It can also support some mid to high graphic games. The price for the base model starts from $1070.

Envy x360 by HP[iii]

As there is a wide range of laptop computers, that have different specifications and features. If you want to purchase a laptop that accommodates your budget, then you have to purchase an HP Envy x360. It is a compact design laptop with excellent performance. Its touchscreen looks great and is very bright. HP introduced many features in keyboards as they introduced kill switches which are used for webcam and microphone. It has many exciting features including the famous AMDs Ryazan 4000 series.  Due to this, it gives us a good gaming experience than most other GPUs in this price range. The price of Envy x360 base model starts from $650.

MacBook Pro 2020

It is recommended as the best laptop by Apple for their power users. This is historically noticed that Apple has many benefits or characteristics as you invest more without thinking twice, knowing that it’s going to be worth it. There are many main features like a beautiful backlit keyboard, and the other one is about its sound. This laptop is suitable for those who want to edit videos, making audible bass, or editing a large batches of pictures in Adobe suite. The price starts around $2399 for the base model.

Lenovo Chrome Book Duet

It is a suitable device especially for kids, who want to play games or just do browsing. Its exterior look is very good with a detachable keyboard. It supports games, watching movies on Netflix, and also managing a photo gallery. It is available at a low cost which is why everyone wants to buy it for basic home uses. If you have low credit and you are in search of a laptop then you should purchase this laptop. The base model price starts at $299 and goes higher as you get more advanced features in it.