Have you been thinking about getting your house painted? Maybe it’s the decision of either painting it yourself or getting it painted by a professional painter that is holding you back. It’s not just about the painting job itself which is definitely a simpler task on the surface. It’s more about the prep that the walls and overall the whole house needs before the actual painting begins. However, in this article, we will explain the pros and cons of both the sides so you can make a decision on giving your house a fresh new look.

Tips for painting

There are unwritten rules and guidelines that must be followed for exterior painting and interior painting. You might or might not be aware of them but the professional painters most definitely are. For example, applying too many colors to your home exterior might not be the best idea as it could be a lot more distracting rather than being appealing. Another one of the rules says that neutral tone colors should be applied as they are more likely to last in the coming years as they never go out of fashion.

As a house owner, you can choose to paint your garage or porch but for the living area and the interior, hiring a professional painter must be your number 1 priority. For bathroom, not only the walls but the ceiling should be painted as well. A perfect choice for the washroom could be semi glosses as they could act well against moisty and wet surfaces.

Cleaning dirty surfaces before you or the painter start the process is extremely important. Note that oily surfaces don’t let the paint last for long as it starts to wear off after some time. Of course, it’s the painter’s job to check the condition of the walls, to see if they’re ready to be painted. However, you can also spend some time yourself, before the painter arrives, to dry off and do a bit of cleaning on the walls yourself. That way, not only you would be able to save some time but you can also rest assured that the paint job would last for years to come.

Where to find a painter

Right when you need to improve the overall look of your home, a new layer of paint is likely to be applied. In case you need to save your commitment with the help of a professional, you should pick only the licensed painters near you, the one-stop online spot is a is to go searching for the painters with some reviews and feedbacks without losing time. If you are searching for a proficient, trusted, and skilled painter, you should hired a painter through Yelp. You can select your painter easily by following three fundamental advances.

  1. Search for the painters with reviews only.
  2. Ask for recommendations from the painters that the others might have given to them.
  3. Ask the painter or painting company to present a license to build credibility.

Cost of painter

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of costs related to hiring a professional painter:

  1. Direct cost.
  2. Indirect cost.

Direct cost

Paint, labor, and gas are all direct costs. While making your spending plan, it is usual to take these costs into account. These costs also depend upon the area you are currently living in, as the costs of material and labor might vary from area to area.

Indirect cost

Though these might not be the direct costs to the painting but these are incurred as a result when the actual painting process starts. For example, if the work is increased than it was first estimated, you might be rightfully charged more than what you expected.


Just a quick review, following are the questions that you must ask the painters before entering into an agreement with them. This will help with you in knowing their capacity and their character.

  1. For how long they have been professionally painting the houses?
  2. How much time will they take to finish the job?
  3. Any certification or licenses?
  4. Do they use a roll’s shower or brush?

These are just a few common tips to help you start off.


So, we hope that the tips and tricks we presented in this guide were of great use to you. Always go with your gut feeling and check the facts, do a background check i.e. feedbacks and reviews of the painter or painting company. In this way, you can be rest assured that you will be in safe hands. Asking for recommendations from friends or family is not a bad idea either, especially if they’ve recently had a paint job at their house or in the office. Do comparisons of the options you got from different providers and see which one of them provides more value against the money they are charging.

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