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Schizophrenia – Causes, Effects and Symptoms

What is schizophrenia? (1) A chronic brain illness that affects one percent population of the U.S It causes hallucinations and delusions when it is in active form. Trouble in thinking, slurred speech, and lack of motivation are...

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Important things to know about Psoriasis

Psoriasis: Psoriasis is a skin infection that is ongoing provocative yet non-infectious sickness. Thick textured plaques are shaped on the skin that is bothersome. They can be framed everywhere on the body however generally they...

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Overview of Multiple Sclerosis

Introduction It is a disease of potentially disabling the brain and spinal cord that is the central nervous system. Communication dysfunction is caused when the immune system attacks the myelin that is the protective sheath that...

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Everything to know about Lung cancer

What is lung cancer? Cancer that begins from the lung is called lung cancer. Cells present in the body stats to grow rapidly and gets out of control. This abnormal division of cells present on the lungs initiates lung cancer....

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Can’t Eat? Go for Dental Implantation

What are dental implants? It is a surgical fixation placed in the bone of the jaw and fuse with the bone in the span of few months. Replacement of root of the tooth with the metal that is screw-like and fills the space of...

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