Desktop computers are also known as a personal computer. These computers are big and are also very notable. That’s why they are located on the desk or table which is quite near too. The power supply to fulfill its power requirements for a computer is an electronic device that is responsible for providing power to all the components. The word computer comes from the Greek language which means ‘calculate’. Nowadays, the desktop computers are used everywhere such as homes, schools, offices, shopping malls, and many other places. In shops, schools, and offices it is used to perform the administration, financial and security tasks such as CCTV footage and more.

Computers consist of several parts including a CPU, motherboard, hard drive, CD ROM, modem and processor, etc. The main pasts include the keyboard and mouse, speakers and a monitor or LCD. A computer does not understand the human language when we give instructions to the computer it gives us the solution in binary codes. However, thanks to the AI, now we can also give basic commands to the software or applications to get simple tasks done.

Characteristics of computer

Here are some characteristics of desktop computer which make it use beneficial. Some of them are as include its speed for calculation such as addition, subtraction, divide or multiply of a complex number are very high, If we talk about POS machines and accounting software typically installed at shopping malls and grocery stores, they can just do huge calculations in a few seconds that make your business run smoothly and quickly, while storing all the records as well. In its hard drive, we can store pictures, games, music, and text, etc. It is versatile because it can perform many tasks and at the same time desktop computers can carry out many functions as we can listen to songs at the same time play games on it.

It means that it can solve our problem for complex calculation without any mistakes or error. The first thing is that you have to enter the right data to get exact our accurate results. The computers are very diligent, they cannot be tied or bored it can work continuously for days and weeks as ypi just have to check that they are not getting heated.

The best desktop computers

There are many PC manufacturing companies which are trying to make the best desktop computers and make a name for themselves. You can buy computers according to your exact needs and preferences. Due to their extreme performance, many people like to use desktop computers instead of laptop computers to make full use of the extensive resources it provides. Because in the desktop computer, they can play the graphics-intensive games more easily rather than laptop computers. There are two types of computers such as ultra-compact and all in one desktop computers.

Top-rated computers with specification

There are is a list of some branded desktop computers which uplift your lifestyle by saving your time. Among our best desktop computers is Dell XPS8940. This desktop computer is for those who want to buy a computer in a budget and is equally suited for families and students as well. It is the desktop computer which is most popular among gamers. Its exterior look is not as extractive as the other gaming PCs, but it is a compact cube-shaped computer that can be easily fit in a computer table at home or office.

As dell also builds computers on custom orders or as they pay special focus on the customers’ needs. There are many endless options because you can purchase this powerful machine for just around one thousand dollars. This computer possesses the 10th generation i7 processor with either Nvidia RTX 2060 super or AMO Random RX 5700 XTGPU. It has a high potential that performs best for your budget. This computer is not the most compact-sized or the smallest or portable size. However, it is an upgraded model for future expansions.

Omen obelisk[i]

Omen Obelisk by HP is another desktop computer with high performances and with a clean design which gives the desktops a new dimension. These types of the system are designed especially for the gamers. In this busy life, no one has the extra time to build such a gaming PC by collecting individual components. The company HP makes the system of your own choice without any problem. The most common feature is that this model can be upgraded easily. For this model, you can save money also without taking any sacrifice on the performance of your desktop computer. Its price is only around $2000 with 9th generation processer and NVidia RTX 2070 super that is great for playing the latest games. You can change or upgrade your desktop computer to enjoy more power.

Apple iMac 5k[ii]

      This model has a very beautiful exterior for the home users or professionals. In starting, it was considered that the purchasing of this model is quite risky because there wasn’t much tech support for Apple in those times.

Dell G5

Another desktop computer is by Dell with the model G5. It is the computer which can be easily fit in your budget. It is specially designed for the enthusiast gamer in the family or students with word processing needs. It is a powerful computer which can easily deal with heavy games. It is a solid PC with GTX 1650 Super and quad-core of 10th Generation Intel core i3 processors.

Special mention goes to the other high branded desktop computer model: Mac Mini by Apple. It is specially designed for the users who love to use Apple because it is low in budget and its tiny size which is so powerful.

Prices of desktop Computers

      The prices of desktop computers vary from each other greatly, because of the diversity of components installed in them. A rough idea of some of the top branded desktop prices is as follows.

  • Dell XPS $ 908.
  • Dell G5 $746.
  • Omen 25L by HP $749.
  • Apple iMac $600.