Medical alarms (1)

Medical alarm is a device that is designed to signal and indicate any danger and summon an emergency personnel. Commonly used medical alarms consist of transmitter or wireless pendant that gets activated in emergency situation. When the medical alarm is stimulated due to any reason, the signal is sent to related company’s central station, programmed contact numbers or other emergency centres. Medical personnel are then sent to the area of hazard. These alarms are useful for disabled patients, elderly people and for those who live alone in houses.

Types of providers

There are various types of alarm providers

  • Hospital programmes run by volunteers
  • Companies that provide medical alarms for seniors
  • Full services companies that deliver their services of installation, ongoing observation and testing programmes at regular intervals.
  • Individually coordinated services that depends upon smartphone application to interact alerts with programed personal Contacts.
  • Closed systems operated by an organisation

Types of devices

Various devices are available that can be used to stimulate an alarm. A consumer can bear the device in the form of

  • Pendant around the neck
  • Small device on the belt
  • Wristband

Other types include

  • Motion detector installed at home
  • Radar based detectors
  • Smartphone

Medical alarms for seniors

Personal medical alarms are tiny wearable watches or pendants than an elderly person can use in various emergency situations.  These alarms prove useful for seniors when they get lost, fall, or feel unwell. The simple form of personal alarms for seniors consist of a clear and big button that is pressed in the time of emergency.  Personal alarms for seniors help them to live an independent yet safe life inside or outside the home. Corona outbreak has limited the life in many aspects. Children rarely get the chance to meet and visit their older parents. In this situation medical alarms are perfect choice to ensure the safety of older parents.  The devices are easy to set up with clear and simple instructions.

Top six medical alarms for seniors. (2)

Various medical alarms for seniors are available in market and online. Some of them are as follows.

  1. SureSafe

SureSafe alarms are specially designed for seniors.  Over 15 products of SureSafe are available that include GPS Go, anywhere alarms, fall alarms and talking pendant alarms. These products ensure the independent and safe life of seniors. SureSafe provides brilliant quality service and fine products in affordable price. It offers security and safety to seniors 24/7 and are dedicated to improve their well-being, health and quality of life. It is a comprehensive alarm available in market for seniors and its functionality makes it best choice for use inside as well as outside the home.

  1. Taking care

Taking Care has helped many people to stay safe and secure in their homes, helping seniors and their families in the UK. Taking care provides a wide range of alarm products. Seniors can use them at home, garden and anywhere else. Products include GPS personal alarms and fall sensors. The alarms are governed by three UK-based emergency centres, delivering 24 hours monitoring services. It typically takes 5 seconds to respond the activated alarm and ensure that help is on the way.

  1. Lifeline 24

It is a dedicated personal alarm provider and focuses the customer safety and satisfaction.

It has gained a place in the market with about 5000 positive feedback and reviews across Trustpilot and Senior wearing lifeline 24 medical alarm can summon help by pushing the button mounted on lightweight and water proof pendant. He will instantly be in contact with a friendly and highly trained member of care team. After assessing the situation, member makes contact with family, friends or other emergency centres to ensure the help to the person.

  1. Telecore 24

It is a national alarm provider, dedicated to give seniors safety at home and peace of mind. Telecore personal alarms comfortable, easy to use and light weighted. When senior wearing this alarms falls, the device detects the fall and automatically summon the help. In few moments, the care team communicates to the senior determines his situation. After assessment, the team makes contact with friend, family or other medical service.

  1. Helpline

It has been established since 2005. It has outstanding reputation in market for its quick response in emergency situations. It is committed to provide safety to its customers and mental peace to the family by ensuring the security and safety of their elders. Helpline provides a range of medical alarms that include double pendant alarms for couples and single pendant alarms. The pendant helps the wearer when he feels ill and needs any instant help. It also offers built in fall detectors that automatically detects fall and makes its wearer free from pressing the button.

  1. Buddi GPS Fall detector alarm

It is revolutionary GPS alarm with built in fall detector that automatically raises the alerts when a senior falls. It consists of two components that work simultaneously, the clip and the wristband. Silicone wristband is discreet and comfortable and possesses two buttons that is pressed when needed. The clip has GPS technology, loudspeaker and microphone to interact with the care team. Tiny and light weight clip can be attached to a handbag, clothing or even a key ring.

Top medical alarms systems

One out of four older adults fall annually, according to the CENTERS FOR DISEASE AND PREVENTION. About 20 percent adults that fall are very serious in which their bones can be broken. They might get a severe head injury or a similar injury. Falling chances of patients may increase depending upon their condition. There is no better way to prevent the fall and it’s very difficult to provide sudden help to such people. This is the place where medical alarms at home prove their importance.

Medical alarms help older people to stay independent and make sure that they will helped when needed. Some top medical alarms that are loved by the seniors and their family members.

  • Bay alarm medical
  • Mobile help
  • Medical guardian
  • Medical alert
  • LifeFone
  • Aloe care health
  • Get safe
  • Medical care alert
  • QMedic
  • Rescue touch