Nursing degree as all know is the noble profession all over the world and reputed as a great service to the humanity. The demand for this profession is ever increasing because it now attracts the educationalists to do more courses in nursing. In the beginning, anyone could become a nurse with some short courses and short trainings. But now it has been converted into a complete degree and as your degree completes, it increases your rank in this profession.

Nursing programs now offer highly paying jobs because it takes a lot of efforts in servicing the patient and for their good health. If you are planning to join this noble career, read on about the five options that you might consider in the future.

Skill set for doing this job:

In order to adopt this profession, you must have some qualities and skill set in you such as:

  • You are able to perform multiple tasks at one time as per the rules of the nursing course
  • You must have the flexibility and a charming attitude to treat the patients
  • For the nursing profession you must have the adaptability in you
  • Nurses should have empathetic behavior to understand the patient pains and help them recover.
  • They must have the compassion towards their profession and also the self-motivation.

Methods for doing the nursing programs:

There are total five methods or types for study of nursing profession that are as follows:

  • Diploma in practical nursing
  • Associate degree
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Master’s degree
  • Post-master’s certificate
  1. Diploma of nursing: it is the most basic and a quick method to do practical nursing diploma and become able to earn money by giving service in this profession. It is under the shadow of the LPN particular license arranged and known as Licensed Practical Nurse. Their duty is to provide the basic necessity for the patient and his carrying it is associated with the registered nurse and the physicians doing jobs in all departments of the healthcare hospitals such as doctor’s room, nursing homes and in the emergency.

It is very demanding job and its scope is increasing day by day according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that more than 88 thousand jobs will be added till 2026. The salary and earning of the LPNs are around forty six thousand dollars annually and the experienced nurses may earn about around 62 thousand dollars every year.

If you compare the LPNs with the RNs you will find about the better opportunity with the RNs in salary perspective and the job responsibilities, it will also help you in choosing the right path.

  1. Associate in nursing: this program helps you become the registered nurse in just two years of studies and getting the practical knowledge. RNs are the first that meet the patient so for them it’s a huge responsibility to guide them and treat them in proper and profession way so they will be comfortable while getting treatment from the hospitals. The scope and demand of this position is also increasing continuously and it is predicted that there will be an increase of 15 percent in this sector in upcoming years till 2026. And it will generate great job opportunities in the near future.

The registered nurse can earn minimum of 71 thousand dollar and maximum of 106 thousand dollars every year. It is the 10th highest paid job in the United States. If you are new in this nursing then you must go for the associate of science in nursing of 2 years.

  1. Bachelor’s of nursing: It is the complete and advanced type program offered in this profession in which the candidates training is done through practical as well as theoretical manners for the sake of serving the patients.

The basic salaries of RNs and BSN are very high as compared to the AND/ASN.

  1. Master’s in nursing: when you hear about the word master, your mind might help you picture being on an experienced job. It is true that master’s in nursing lifts up the nursing profession and help you achieve great career growth. Some of the specialist nurses need this sort of trainings and programs for better posts and aopportunity of earnings.

There are three common types of Master’s nursing program that you will get after the completion such as:

  • Family Nurse Practitioner: in this category if some nurse chooses this, they will register as the specialized nurse in this category. The trainings will be given accordingly to this category in which the nurse should do trainings at the home for some older age patients as well as for those who did not come to hospital by their own will.

This program can also be done via online as an MSN-FNP. If you take regular classes, you can do it in 2 years but it has the margin for the existing staff (RNs) for maximum 3 years of education and practicing. You cannot do this program without any particular degree such as RNs or BSN.

  • Nurse Educators: these are the teaching staffs for the new comers as they educate them and train them while teaching the nursing programs and ethics. As they are associated with the educational institutions like colleges and universities, they are also linked with the hospitals and healthcare sectors to improve the discipline and become lifesavers in different departments as a senior and experienced staff.

As an MSN-NE you can make up to minimum of seventy one thousand dollars and maximum up to one lac twenty four dollars per year.