What is business phone?

Business phones are mostly present in the offices in order to meet the daily routine communication within and outside the business entity. Business phones technology emerged very fast as the information technology rose. Old office phones are not as much authentic and safe as the modern day business phones. Now there is unique mechanism of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) that enhances the security of the business phones communications by encrypt the messages and document sharing secretly between the responsible and specific persons.

In big companies of more than 100 employees, it is difficult to meet individually and shares the reports and communicate, so this technology of business phones is helpful in creating convenience for employees also secure the communications between employees of same company sitting in different offices. These business phones have specific number called as extension number which all the company employee has allotted with their names, so when some employee calls other they show their extension number and name that will helpful for the employees to recognize the real or fake call.

Business phones helpful for the customers:

To run a business the best priority of business firm is to satisfy its customers, so in that regard, business phones can be helpful by using the service of VoIP in business phones you are able to:

  • Give speedy responses of voicemails
  • Provide better options, convenience and features
  • Multiple customer service channels
  • You can retrieve your customer information quickly.

Best Business Phones providers:

Different systems under which the business phones providers works and provide their services accordingly are:

PBX (Private branch Exchange) this system operates secretly within the company employee communications. It uses the extensions and call management system in addressing their staff.

Virtual PBX:  this phone system useful in making contact between different departments of the same company in different areas.

SIP Trunk: this technology is used to send and receive the data in voice as well as video application in real time this is done through the SIP client.

PSTN: this is abbreviated as the Public Switched telephone network use to address the companies value-able customers.

Best providers:

Ring Central

This company is the top and best quality providers of the business phones system in which voice, video, team meetings discussion and many more options are available highly secure. This is the first innovative company to enter this business phone technology idea.

Ring central works by its team collaboration that ensures the live communications, video callings, screen sharing from anywhere with greater productivity and control. In order to hire the services of the Ring central business phones you have to pay $19.99 per month charges for 20 members.

  1. Panasonic KX-TG785S Bluetooth Cordless Phone

Panasonic is reliable company as all know their business phones are available at amazon within the price of 278 dollars. This phone is always helpful for your organization even your employees have to rush here and there in and outside the office. Its Link2Cell feature allows you to connect it with your smartphones that will help you when you are not available on office landline. It also has the ability to blink the texts on this phone for your easiness.

  1. AT&T CL2940 Corded Phone

This phone is best for the in house manufacturing plant where extra noise creates difficulty in listening. By its large display you can easily read the texts and identify the caller name through distance. Its special feature of caller id gives you the idea whether the call is important or not, this feature include maximum of 65 employee number at one time. You can buy it through three different online platforms such as AMAZON, WALMART and BEST BUY at cost of dollar 30.

X-blue X16

This phone has many interesting and supportive features that include ‘auto attendant’ facility when the employs are not free or present at the moment it automatically it also creates the phone book from recent call history. This phone available in two pairs each has the digital speakerphone, generally for small enterprise but can be useful for larger as well by buying more quantity. It has the capacity to expand up to 6 lines and 16 telephones. Easily available at AMAZON, and STAPLE.com at price range of $602.

VTECH DS617713 DECT 6.0 Cordless phone

This super design business phone helps you in your office taking business phone calls, it can expandable up to five devices nearby with headset. It uses the caller id and capable of answering digitally. It can be handy while saving the telephone directory up to 1000 numbers. $87 is the amount that you have to pay in order to get this device, you can order it through BEST BUY, AMAZON and WALMART.

SNOM IP 710 Phone

Although it is small looking device and comparatively low cost of about $40 but it has many useful aspects regarding office communication process. It has the ability of five key programmable keys helpful in different working. The audio quality for this headset is high standard without any disturbance and producing clear sound. This can connect with the 12 maximum lines to handle the office needs. You can purchase it by AMAZON.


This phone in modern day working is very handy with its remarkable memory storage this phone model can manage the 3-way or 3 person communication at same time. It will store your 500 numbers and store maximum of 200 recent calls data. It has built-in option for the weather forecasting and customizes option of setting the ringtones for different numbers. It enables the SIP and Linux System and connectable with two lines. This phone commonly used in offices easily getable from AMAZON.

Panasonic KX-TGF352N

This phone also known by its useful features available at price of 74 dollars at AMAZON, NEWEGG.com. Features of this phone include Baby monitoring system available that help you to see what your baby is doing from your office and if you have kids then automatically reduces the sound of noise while you are in meeting or conference. This phone has the back-up for 13 hours and three excise touchable buttons for dialing. It also has the detector for your keys that helps you to find the keys in emergency.


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