Cell phone companies always try to provide the best services to their customers. In the customer category old and senior age people of above 55 who are not with their families and live alone in somewhere in apartments or shelter homes, need the cell phones and plans that facilitate them to communicate with their family members and friends. In this aspect to provide services to seniors, cell phone companies come out with different packages for the old men and women to facilitate them to get rid of their boring schedules. Now a days, every senior own a phone for communicating with the others. It is mainly useful for two purposes; one is to be connected with their loved one and second to enjoy the browsing on internet and stay connected with the ongoing world situations.

Best cell phone providers:

Companies are very adaptive to chance and they try to get the maximum share of the market by targeting seniors because in the countries like USA and Europe most of the population ratio is the seniors that are separate from their families for different personal reasons. Some of the best companies that took step in serving this community are as follows [i]:

T-Mobile – Best Unlimited Plan

This is the number one rating company mostly preferred by the seniors for its impeccable services. Their services are best for the travelers, best for senior couples living away from each other, and you can avail it on your existing number as well. T-Mobile is successful in building trusts with their senior customers and get the ratings 4.9 out of 5 as a result. The cost of a typical T-Mobile plan for a senior is just around 27-45 US dollars for the unlimited calls, texts and internet.

This package is valid for a month, there is no long term contracts or restrictions when you don’t want the services, simply inform the company and you will be facilitated according to the policy. It give you the option of 50 GB data that provides approximately 250 hour of browsing in which you can watch movies on Netflix, use the unlimited hotspot, and use data anywhere. To avail this company package, you can call 844-940-0567. [ii]


This company is placed second in providing best services to the senior customers with the overall rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars. The great-call company will give you two options with the cell phones like Lively Flip and the Jitterbug Smart2. These are specially designed packages for the seniors with modern day technological features.

Lively Flip

It is not exactly suited for smartphones, so it provides the facility of calls and texts only with the dial pad and large answering button in the center. You have to pay 15 dollars to have it in your palm and communicate with your loved ones. There is no long term contract with this service and you can cancel the deal anytime you want.  It is a monthly subscription that gives you 200 minutes and 300 texts for 14 dollars and 3 dollar respectively. The headset price that you pay once for ownership is $99.

Jitterbug Smart 2

This is a smartphone option as name suggests and it costs you 150 dollars for one device without the package. You will have to set and choose packages to avail the Great call services that start from 15 dollars in which they give you 200 minutes, 300 texts for 3 dollar and 40 MBs data in just 2.49 dollar. You can also go for the 2.5GB data per month but you have to pay more about $30 dollars every month.

Republic Wireless

This company with the motive of best 4G-LTE Service, 14 day money back guarantee, unlimited talk and texting in just $15 on monthly basis. The packages of Republic is supportive with the headsets and smartphones in the market also you can buy from republic as well. If you have a smart phone and want some internet for browsing then you have option to get 1 GB of data in just $5, if you want more then you will pay additional price on every GB and this will remain valid for a month only. The disadvantage of this service that you cannot utilize this through iOS system and they are only available in the US premises.

Freedom Pop Company

The service of freedom pop telecommunication is rated as 3.9 stars out of 5. They offer the senior service packages and also deal in the smartphones manufacturing and selling. It generally uses the technology of VoIP that is very fast and secure. The services of freedom pop are economical and quick in term of data usage and voice quality.

The LTE phones are available in the market retail price of 150 US dollars on which you have to charge the package on monthly basis price of $49.99 that will gives you the 200 calling minutes especially for the seniors above 55 they give exclusive package in just $24 in which they offers senior package of 200 minutes and 2 GB data for one month. The limited data availability and not senior specific phone is the negative of freedom pop. Contract free and cancelation option anytime.


This company offers the senior cell phone plan known as National wide senior plan. It is best for people aged above 55 and this includes the services of 200 minutes and 500 night minutes just at the weekends. This package only allows calls and texts because the most senior people are mostly not interested in using the smart phones and internet. They just want peace of mind by talking with their families and beloved. This plan costs about dollar 30 only if you go towards unlimited package, then you will have to pay 10 dollar extra on the basic package. This service is availed by paying the initial registration fee. The disadvantage with this company is that they do not offer the internet options and only give this package to above 65 age seniors. If you want to avail the service, you can order it at 855-596-5339 AT&T company number.


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