Minivans is the genuine concept of American car manufacturers with motive to increase the facility of transporting passengers in luxury vehicles in order to raise the customer satisfaction. After this, Europe adopted this idea and classified the M-segment known as MVPs commonly uses for multiple functions. It generally configured vehicles available with 2-3 cabin spacing, high roof and sliding doors facility.

In comparison with the large vans, minivans are more preferred choice of the passengers due to more comfort level and smooth traveling. It is typically a hybrid car and a van offering its customer a sedan like feel while driving and interior designing like SUVs. It is a perfect vehicle for the large families, providing seating for 6-8 persons along with the back-cabin for luggage. Minivans fuel mileage also very impressive as compared with the SUVs.

According to the Repair Pal research and customer reliability index analysis the top great quality minivans are:

  • Kia Sodena
  • Nissan Quest
  • Honda Odyssey
  • Dodge Grand Caravan
  • Toyota Sienna
  • Ford Transit Connect
  • Chrysler Pacifica
  • GMC Savanna 1500
  • Chevrolet Express 2500
  • Chevrolet Express 1500

The detail description of these models with specifications and price are given below:

Top minivan Manufacturers [i]:

  1. Kia Sodena: when you look at the international market rankings of different cars category like SUVs, crossovers and minivans, you will find that Kia in top rankings. This is because Kia has been continuously impressing its customers at international level for years. Kia Sodena in the minivan category is the precious looking minivan embedded with ample of good features such as camera providing surround view that is useful in finding the things that could be missed while driving. It features a chilled box which is a type of glove that is useful in keeping the drinks cold for long time, tri-zone climate indicator that automatically works to stabilize the air inside. Moreover, it also has a five inch touch screen display for your entertainment. Price of this luxurious minivan is 30 thousands to 41 thousand dollar MSRP.
  1. Nissan Quest: Second ranked minivan with the modifications in 2015 model as CVT technology gives a comfortable journey, multi-angle camera of platinum quality and built-in DVD system for in-car entertainment. Other useful features of Nissan Quest include, power door and window locks, wood material interior designing, cruise controlling panels, push-button starter all in all features in just price of 36 thousand dollars market price.
  2. Honda Odyssey: This minivan is great choice especially for the larger families and big friend circle as it provides the maximum seating capacity of eight persons. This is restructured model of 2018 modified with different new technological terms and latest driving facilities are available. With the mike option the driver can easily communicates with the backside passengers some others features of Honda Odyssey are; horsepower of 280 HP with the 3.5L engine and nine- speed automatic transformation to four wheels, and automatic climatic control creates value for the customers in high quality price of $47 thousand dollars.
  1. Dodge Grand Caravan: the name of this minivan suggests that this vehicle characteristic is to go far distances with good fuel economy. The good technology used in this vehicle is that its middle row seats converted into the bed towards the backside. The 81 different configuration options for the interior adjustments with the third row split folding mechanism with 60/40. Other benefits while having this minivan include 283 HP with engine type 3.6L V6. It features a very spacious cargo facility backside of 31.3 cu-ft. while with every passenger seat, it allows 140.3 cu-ft. flat fold cargo capacity. The price of this minivan starts from at least dollars 16 thousands to 27 thousands MSRP.
  1. Toyota Sienna: this is fifth most precious and unique designed with extension in back-space for carrying luggage and other useful items. Its engine is very powerful producing 296 horsepower with the 3.5L cylinders great speed with smooth handling. By its design and shape seems like a sports car with eight seats availability. Excellent fuel economy of 28 MPG in highway and 26 in city. The feature of blind-spot monitoring and the driver alerting system through the assists control make this minivan very valuable for a price of 34 US dollars to 50 thousand US dollars.
  1. Ford Transit Connect: it is a quite long and beautifully shaped minivan with a unique design and color combination that make this vehicle very attractive. The new model of 2019 has the capability of four cylinders in 2.5L engine generating horsepower of 140 HP. The back-end cargo capacity of 15.1 cubic feet while additional 104.2 with all the seats as luggage carrying facility for the passengers. Other unique features of this vehicle include built-in reverse sensors, good quality air conditioning with less fuel economy for a price of 19 thousand USD.
  2. Chrysler Pacifica: Completely changed body from the 2017 model and modern day quality specification was adopt in 2019 model according to the trend going in minivans market.  This is different from other minivans because of the hybrid system involved in same van such as (PHEV) model has the mileage of 33 miles while the EV model of fuel consumption gives 84 MPG. Chrysler Pacifica also has the ability of stow ‘n Go folding flat-bed like seats towards back row with luggage capacity of seven level trims 165 cubic feet.  Price for this unique minivan is $35,045 MSRP up to $53 thousands. [ii]
  3. GMC Savanna 1500: this GMC Savanna 1500 by its design looks like an ordinary van but it’s not that ordinary by its features and technical specifications. This is usually ranked at 8th in minivans and is mostly used for cargo transport but can be adjusted for eight passenger, perfectly suited for large families.

The built-in engine of this vehicle is V8 that makes it strong and reliable with cargo capability of 92.1 cubic feet, if the passengers also sit in then it reduces the space for luggage but purely as cargo minivan service it will gives you 216 cubic feet volume. Horsepower of 350 HP, smooth handling and automatic four wheel transformable vehicle available with 60/40 sliding side doors. In the United States, this GMC savanna is very popular in shifting the cargo from one city to other. The demand is high due to its good fuel economy with in price of 19 thousand dollars.