Crossovers are in between the SUVs and the pickup trucks due to having the qualities of both vehicles but are superior than these in terms of specifications, the interior comfort designing and attractive looks. It can be useful as passenger car and as pickup car at the same time. It is economical in terms of fuel consumption and gives better performance index as compared to the SUVs and the pickup vehicles, crossovers also incur less cost in the manufacturing.

Crossovers have now become a trend in the market due to high demand and customer preference. In 1979, the first model of crossovers was launched in the market named as MATRA Rancho and AMC Eagle then after this interventions and passage of time, some modifications were done and every year new technological crossovers were introduced. Nowadays, there are completely redesigned and quality interior crossovers available in the market.

Top rated crossovers around the globe [i]:

The crossovers in the world have around 68 top models in different categories of large, midsize and compact crossovers. Among them, the best in the business are as follows:

  • Kia Soul: In 2020-21 the Kia company really came up with the most beautiful and attractive models for the customers. Kia soul, due to its compact designing and shape, pleased its customers although the capabilities in term of engine is not much impressive but at lowest price of $17,500 MSRP, customers generally preferred this vehicle. It also has the features of modifications in engine capacity according to affordability of customers such as GT-Line turbo of Kia soul available in market at 27 thousand dollars.

The basic model features include horsepower of 130 with 1.6L four cylinders, six speakers audio boom sound, alloy wheels and climate control alerting mechanism. It is a perfect car for small family of 3 to 5 people.

  • Acura RDX: This vehicle is the second in the rankings of crossovers, as the name of this vehicle is RDX so its design reflects in it beautiful shape. The color combination makes it look like a special car for the customers. In 2017-18 model the ranking were not up to mark but after the modification in 2019, the market value of Acura RDX increased. Solid body, fluent handling, reliable engine quality and the high lift cabin attracted the audience towards it. It has engine horsepower of 272 with the 2.0L turbocharged capability.

Price for this Crossover SUV is around $38 thousand MSRP to $48 thousand MSRP as the modifications and engine packages are available in different variations.

  • Toyota RAV4: This vehicle is the consistent performer in the crossover category in past year or so and continues to impress the audience by its attractive interior and outside model styling and the engine specifications along with the luxury feel while driving. It also has the capacity of five level luggage carrying facility for long drives and family picnic plans. This model gives the sustainability with its 2.5L four-cylinders with the horsepower of 203 in 2019.

Other advantage in having this vehicle give you large display screen of 6.1 inch touchable for infotainment.  Remote lock system without keys, supported with apple and android car-play are just few of many amazing features in the car.

  • Hyundai Tuscon: Crossover SUV known by its wide and lavish comfortable leather design seats along with the powerful engine characteristic, and amazing driving experience for the consumers encourages the Hyundai Company for their efforts. This vehicle in 2020 is the most demanding crossover by the customers that raised its value and share in the market. It has the engine capability of 161 HP with four-cylinders of 2.0L with extra turbo option that enhanced the power up to 175 horsepower which is remarkable in just 23 thousand dollar MSRP.

Smooth steering, four wheel drive and each wheel size is 17 inch made of alloy metal, USB connectivity and touchscreen features also the part of this Hyundai Tuscon.

  • Nissan Rogue: With high quality and lots of value-able characteristics, Nissan Rogue is also a great choice for any customer looking for the best and economical crossover for his family with extra cabin spacing and back-end space. The power generating through Nissan rogue is 170 HP with the 2.5L 4 cylinders and three level luggage organizer at back. The price of this Nissan rogue range starts from 25 thousand dollars to maximum of 27 thousand dollar MSRP with different types of modification in models of Nissan rogue.
  • Ford Escape: this is ranked 6th in the crossovers category all over the world according to the market research and as per customers’ feedback on This model gives three choices in the engine modification such as horsepower of 168, 179 and 245 all available with the 2.5L four cylinders, it is now up to the customer and its choice of selecting ford escape models. [ii]

Interesting advantages given by this crossover includes, voice control programing system, ford’s Mykey option, and brake assist feature.

  • Buick Encore: Don’t dwell on its small size because this surprises you by its extra-ordinary performance as compared to other crossovers. That’s why this vehicle ranking is at seven out of world’s best crossovers. This vehicle comes with the horsepower of 138 HP and 1.4L four-cylinder capacity that makes it adorable as well as economical and in stylish design.

Beautiful looking wheels of 18 inches, 8 inch large touch screen, connective and compatible with Bluetooth and apple/ android system in just price of 23 thousand dollars MSRP.

  • Kia Sportage: this vehicle in today’s ranking is the top ranked and top choice of the customers because of its unique and compatible features. It gives other crossovers a tough challenge in the consumer market. Although the third generation of Kia sportage never got that much fame as the fourth generation in 2019-20 model achieved. Top design of doors, lights front and back shape make this vehicle very attractive with engine capacity of 181 HP and cylinder capacity of 4 against 2.4L gives best fuel Mileage.

The price of this lavish Kia Sportage in the MSRP is dollars 35 thousand which is very affordable with support of technological features like assisting brakes system, aluminum wheel of 17 inch and five inch display screen.