Pickup trucks are commonly known as the king of the mountains and dessert areas because of the style and modifications of heavy wheels that enable it to climb up on the mountains and not get stuck in the sands. Pickup as the name suggests are mostly used for carrying and towing of heavy materials and vehicles. Initially, the pickup truck were not of good styles and designs, but now with the advancement in the customers choices, the pickup manufacturers tend to modify their interiors with more luxurious and comfortable too.

According to the U.S research and surveys, they get the customer feedback about the modifications they want to see in pickup trucks. Then after getting ideas, they come with 13 new design modified models in the market of pickup trucks under two categories of compact and full sized pickup trucks.

Some of the best pickup trucks include:

Top and best quality pickup trucks with their rankings and specifications are as follows:

  1. Honda Ridgeline: if you are looking for a stylish and competitive truck for your work and family use, then you must try the Honda ridgeline pickup truck model that is ranked first according to the market surveys and research. The popularity of this model is due to its sound features and the feel it gives that’s like you are driving the most luxurious car. Its interior design and seating area supports full comfort with full technological functions. This model features an engine of about 3.5L in V6 with the capacity of 280 hp and it allows the truck to covert from two wheels to all wheel drive as the speed increases. The most amazing feature of this pickup truck is that its back seats have tendency to shift in a bed form which is easily moveable and you can also store your equipment under this. The price for this vehicle range starts from 33 thousand dollars. [i]

Features of modified model of Honda ridgeline include the alloy wheels of eighteen inches, 4.2 inch touchable screen on the dashboard and monitoring system.

  1. Chevrolet Colorado: the second most wanted pickup truck in the market is Chevrolet Colorado, this is because of the off road sustainability characteristic. It is the best in the business with its engine model of 308 hp and 3.6L V6 capacity named as ZR2 run smoothly through heavy mud, desserts and mountain area. The capabilities of the newly modified models are very encouraged by the customers it covers all the features that a consumer demands for a pickup truck, featuring a 3.5 inch wider stance provides you the opportunity to enjoy your trip and environment.

Other features of this truck include aluminum designed wheels of 17 inches, trailer brake system. ZR2 logo leather luxurious seats make its interior more attractive. Price of this vehicle is dollar 29 thousand 7 hundred MSRP.

  1. Nissan Frontier: this vehicle is fully designed for the worker community with all the essential features of high carrying capacity. It is also known as the dessert runner with the availability of four cylinders with the torque of 171 lb-ft. Transferable automatic speed shifters along with the particular features like Bluetooth connectivity, monitoring cameras, FM/CD speakers system, cloth upholstery and the steel plated strong wheels of 15 inch. Price ranges from 27 thousand dollars to 32 thousand dollars.
  1. Chevrolet Silverado 1500: this pickup truck is best in terma of multi-functioning. It can work for hauling the passengers, towing vehicles and loading the equipment and transfer them from one place to other. With high quality engine capacity of 6.2L V8 has the capacity of towing 12 thousand 5 hundred pound weight which is very rare in pickup truck. This vehicle has the facility of plywood bed of 6.5 foot in the 2019 model. The price for this is around $28,600 MSRP. [ii]

It has the features like 20 inch big sized chrome wheels, bed liner spay, seven speaker Bose audio, Phone charging through wireless and more.

  1. Toyota Tundra: this pickup truck stands at sixth spot in the lineup of the best trucks with the engine capacity of V8 power and full compatible size truck. The super model in this truck category of about capacity of 5.7L V8 that has the ability to tow about 10,200 pound but the new model of 2019 has the maximum carrying capacity of 17 thousand pound which is tough ask for a pickup truck but Toyota tundra is best in the business providing this luxury feature.

Other features of this pickup include powerful rear window, heater capacity upfront seats for the driver and front passenger, leather sheet comfortable seating, navigation system with audio streaming. Price in MSRP is 33 thousand dollars.

  1. Ram 1500: if you are for a vehicle that is comfortable as well as holds a powerful vehicle, then you must look for Ram 1500. It will give you all you want in a pickup truck category for your work and for your family. It gives you attractive looks and interior and exterior designs, beautiful color combinations and front precious front side style. The features of this vehicle includes the engine power of different capacity according to your affordability and demand such as its range of carrying and power starts from basic level of 3.6L of 305 hp and increase up to 5.7L V8 horsepower of 395 with the towing power of 410 pound torque, it also has the option of diesel turbo power of 3.0L V6.

If you want to run a business and need of pickup truck this will be your first priority due to its features such as 3.5 inch driving guide display screen, vinyl upholstery, moveable adjustable seats, and door and black bumper handles available in this pickup truck of Ram 1500. Price of Ram 1500 is dollar 32 thousand MSRP.