Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are the best option to have for a family and long trips having carrying capacity for all needed items. It is a very useful vehicle in terms of modern day requirements. You can do a lot while having a SUV in your life like long trips planning with family and friends, business purposes like loading and delivering items, you can go to far off places and explore the nature on your own vehicle rather than hiring another vehicle and facing the problem of carrying luggage. According to the survey of the Marklines, 36.8 percent preferred the SUVs as their car choice over other vehicle and its sale increases by 2.6 percent in 2019 as compared to pickup trucks.

Top rated SUVs:

The rankings defines the popularity of the vehicles according to its demand and sale in the market so according to the customers choices and preferences the top rated SUVs are given below respectively:

  1. Ford Mustang Mach-E 2021: According to the needs of the modern day this SUV is manufactured as electric SUV that competes and gives tough time to other vehicles in the market and increases its own performance thanks to the new design and technological aspects. It is famous due to its elegant design model, shape, comfortable interior, smooth handling and drive range of about 300 mile which is very impressive on the electric vehicle capacity scale. This vehicle is supported by the battery back-ups back-end at home or at the recharging stations at different road sides. It has the capacity of five seating and the 3 main trims options. [i]

The price range starts from MSRP around 43.5 thousand dollars and the market competitive price is 43 thousand dollars. The only downside while having this SUV is that it does not support long drives with its average batteries. It is comparatively costly than the non-electrical SUVs.

  1. Kia Telluride 2021: it is a top rated SUV in the midsize category with advanced technical and modern features. V6 engine availability makes the Kia Telluride a very powerful vehicle with the lowest economical fuel consumption. It is very unique in design and model functionalities that give a tough time to the competitors. It has the four level trims capacity while the other SUVs manufacturer has more than this. The best model of Kia Telluride is the SX AWD that available at the range of $45,615. The mileage of this SUV is 20 in the city while on the highway it will increase to 26 because of less traffic and fuel consuming signals.

The negative is not a big task as other features are way more advanced. However, it has less cabin capacity to save extra luggage when compared with other SUVs. The interesting features of having this SUV is that it gives 5yr/60k basic warranty.

  1. Hyundai Palisade 2021: this SUV is ranked the 3rd in the list and is known as the sibling of Kia Telluride due to similar features and modifications. This SUV provides the luxury of safe driving technique with its alerting system. The customers like the extra cabin capacity and the engine capabilities as fuel saving and economical. It has the availability of having seven seats with the long and wide luggage cabin of level 4. AWD is the most precious model of Hyundai Palisade range starts from 48 thousand dollars. In the city it gives the 19 MPG while on the highways it provides the MPG of 26. [ii]

It is the lowest priced SUV in the market as compared to others while having best and stylish interior of high quality along with safety driving technological aspects. The negative of this SUV includes less acceleration rate and less numbers of storage pockets. The price of this SUV ranges from around 33-34 thousand dollars.

  1. Kia Sorento 2021: this vehicle by Kia is best in midsize SUVs and has the 4th ranking all over the SUVs profiles. It gives the luxury of spacing and the efficacy of the technological features. Its hybrid range provides the 39 MPG within the city along with the optional fuel consumption option also with the extra backup batteries that increase the MPG to the 30 miles more. It is a safe SUV in terms of the alerting system and safety options, it forces you to kept your own lane on the road otherwise it indicates and produces a beep sound in the vehicle as a reminder.

It has the capacity of 8 levels in the back-end space for the luggage carrying with the available 6-7 seats. This unique customize feature SUV in S FWD model range is 33 thousands dollar. Engine model 2.5L 14 cylinders while it is front wheel drive vehicle. On the fuel capacity the MPG it gives around 22 at the city and 29 at the highway. The negative having this SUV is it has less towing power.

  1. Toyota Highlander 2021: The highlander of Toyota is available in crossovers midsize rating as on 5th. It has the edge of having smooth wheel driving with V6 engine capabilities also has the hybrid as optional in this SUV. This company always prefers the customers and their demands that’s why they provides best quality interior designing with the easy technology terminologies. Its shape and outward screen gives the best view of outside that help in exploring more outside. It has 8 seats available in cabin form along with the 10 trim level for the carrying of items.

Most precious model of highlander is the XLE AWD that in the market ranges from 43 thousand dollars. It gives the mileage of 36 in the city and 35 at the highway which is very interesting in terms of numbers because on highway all other SUVs give more than in the city but for this highlander it is opposite.

Its speed is not as good as the other above SUVs because of the extra weight of the vehicle and engine. Third seating area is very congested. It has very high prices than the other SUVs. This Toyota highlander gives three year warranty for the basic vehicle and eight years for the hybrid/EV warranty.