If you want to buy a routine day luxury sedan for your family and work, it’s a great opportunity to buy it after doing your fair share of research and comparisons. There are so many varieties and features in the midsize sedans that can ease your comfort while driving and also gives you the luxury of enjoyable features.

In regard of selecting the best sedan, there are some top quality models that can help you in choosing the best sedan for you and your family. The following list of best sedans is compiled according to the customer preferences and the market surveys:

  1. Hyundai Elantra
  2. Nissan Altima
  3. Honda Accord
  4. Toyota Camry
  5. Hyundai Sonata
  6. Kia Optima
  7. Chevrolet Malibu
  8. Ford Fusion
  9. Ford Fusion Hybrid
  10. Infinity Q50

Now we will talk about the specifications and features of the sedan models one by one and compare these models to see which one comes out on top.

  • Hyundai Elantra: this sedan is like a super model of Hyundai company that manufactures the luxurious sedans in the market.  The 2019 model of Hyundai Elantra is an advanced vehicle that comes up with the best quality and eye catching features with amazing design and looks. Along with the style, it also assures you the comfort level and fulfillment of the basic needs of the family. It does not only impress with its features but also looks up at its interior and back space trunk that will allow you store a lot of luggage. In comparison with its previous model, it has 6 sleeks instead of four.

Features:  in this sedan there is a six-speaker system available, luxury of the voyage driving control, nice quality air condition facility, Bluetooth and 5 inch led screen with the feature of camera installed at the back of the sedan. The price for this model is 18 thousand MSRP dollars.

  • Nissan Altima(1): Nissan Altima is one of a kind sedan with its impressive shinning colors and design that attracts the customers. You will feel the pleasure and comfort if you select this model as your road partner. It has the capacity of holding the 4-5 cylinders in deck and the updated V6 trims in the 2019 model will give you no choice to ignore this beautiful sedan. It provides 15.4 cubic feet as carrying capacity for the luggage. This model is also known for its comfortable and spacious seats providing extra space for the passengers.

Specs: if you buy this car you will get luxurious seats with 9 sets of speakers, traffic alert feature and area searching technique, along with the climate control automatic system to save from environmental hazards. Its price starts from twenty four thousand dollars.

  • Honda Accord: this model is ranked third in the lineup of the midsize sedans and is well known for its upfront design also the nice quality interior manufacturing make it unique for the customer to choose this sedan. This model is available in two designs one with 2 doors capacity and second with the four doors and extra backspace. The most eye catching feature of this Honda Accord is that it has the option of addition in the engine capacity of two hundred and seventy eight hp. Smooth speedy controls and automatic shifters paddle. Cost you will bear for this is $24,770 MSRP.

Qualities: Honda Accord has the availability of many angle views from side, front and back, with Bluetooth streaming and precious looking 16 inch wheels. It is the CVT model that alerts the drivers all the time by various means like seat belts, traffic, climate etc.

  • Toyota Camry: it is best sedan for the family road trips with its unique and quality functions make it preferred choice for the consumers. With the specs and quality featuring it also very elegant and extra carrying capacity of about 15.4 cubic feet. It can carry up to five passengers, and has the engine capacity of 3.5L V6.

Featuring: it has built-in halogen headlight beam, 6.1 inch of large screen with Bluetooth availability, power window and power locks. Interior design is made with luxury wooden material.

  • Hyundai Sonata: This car is ranked third in the sedan market has the capability of easy driving and comfortable wheel stability. The 2019 model is unique in terms of the outside but the inside is almost the same as the 2017-18 model. The engine capacity of 2.0L four cylinder is only available in this model.

Characteristics: large seven inch display screen touchpad, highly stereo sound speakers, apple and android connectivity, rear camera viewing are top features present in it.

  • Kia Optima: In the new era of car designing and technological features KIA is gradually increasing the market share by providing best quality and luxurious vehicles out of which, Kia Optima is the six ranked above the all sedans. As mentioned above about the modern day specifications, Kia Optima provides full comfort and luxury to satisfy the passengers by providing luxurious and compact features such as engine capacity of 2.4L four cylinders with the five spacious seats availability. The unique thing in this model is that it alerts you when a collision is about to happen from back and front side. [i]
  • Chevrolet Malibu: It has the high capacity of cargo facility about 15.8 cu-ft. Moreover, it has the 1.5L four cylinder engine capacity that is the downside of this car in terms of engine comparison. The unique factor of this sedan is it has the Capless fuel filler advancement.
  • Ford fusion: it is the 8th in the sedan ranking and looks exquisite from front view. It has the platinum trim inside in 2018 model but now in 2020, it has the titanium material trims. It has four built-in speakers and one USB port available, sound driving characteristics and lavish interior seats with a seating capacity of five.